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Bad hair day because of your hat

Bad hair day because of your hat

Very nice such a hat. Until you take it off and your hair is flat on your head with a few static strands around it. What do you do about it?

You lose most of your body heat through your head. A hat is not an unnecessary luxury and it also looks nice. This way you wear a hat and you reduce the chance of a bad hair day.

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don't be lax with your hair because you're wearing a hat. Just make sure your hair is right before you put on your hat. A hat makes your skin and hair warm, so that your hair can easily stay in the form of under your hat. If your hair is styled under your hat, there is a greater chance that it will still be in place afterwards.

Beanies, hats with extra room on the back, are hot and very much ideal for your hair. They are not tight against your head, so your hair is not pressed on your head. That will save you a bad hair day.

Please pay attention to the material of the hat before you buy it. Your hair will become static faster from synthetic materials. It is better to choose a hat made of wool, cotton or cashmere.

Chances are that when you take off your hat, you can still use some extra volume. Shake your hair upside down or apply some dry shampoo for volume and structure. Do you often wear a hat?