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With this step-by-step plan you can easily dye your hair at home

With this step-by-step plan you can easily dye your hair at home

Maybe you already have some gray hair, but don't feel like sitting in the barber chair every six weeks? Or are you ready for a new color in your hair, but would you prefer to do it yourself? Then easily dye your hair at home with this step-by-step plan.

1. Determine what your current hair color is

First of all, it is important to determine whether your hair is currently dyed. If your hair has already been dyed, you cannot dye it lighter, but only in the same color height or darker. Are you going to dye your natural hair color? Then you have some more options. With hair dye you can generally dye your hair one to two color heights lighter. If you want to go even lighter, you will have to bleach it. If you want to dye your own hair darker, that is of course also possible. Make sure that you do not dye your hair too dark right away, because once your hair has been dyed dark, you can no longer dye it lighter.

2. Choose hair dye in the right color height

Now that you have determined what your options are, you can choose hair dye in the right color height. Color heights range from 1 (black) to 10 (very light blond). This determines the first color number for the dot, for example 7.0.

3. Determine the shade of color you want to paint with

When you have chosen the desired color height, you can think about the color nuance with which you want to paint. This is the second number or letter after the dot. This determines whether the color is neutral, cool or warm. To determine which shade suits you best, you can look at the undertone of your skin. Is this warm, warm colors suit you best. If you are a cool type, cool colors bring out the best in your face. No nuance has been added to a neutral color and they look great with both a warm and a cool undertone in your skin.

4. Order the right hair dye color

Now that you have determined the color height and the nuance, you can order the hair dye. Make sure you have enough hair dye at home to dye your entire hair. Do you have sensitive skin? Then test in advance whether you are allergic to the hair dye that you have ordered or want to order. Preferably choose hair dye without ammonia and PPD.

5. Do not wash your hair two days before

The natural oils on your scalp act as a protective layer during the dyeing process. This can help against a stinging scalp and also ensures that the dye can absorb into your hair better.

6. Dye your hair according to the supplied instructions for use

Follow the instructions for use that came with the hair dye before and during dyeing your hair. Make sure you have a container ready to mix the paint in and always use gloves. Start painting the partings and contours of your face and finally the lengths. After the specified time, rinse the paint with water and then wash with shampoo and conditioner. And voilà:you have a new, fresh hair color!

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