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The Soap Collector to Save Money at Home.

The Soap Collector to Save Money at Home.

Here's a tip for those who don't want to throw away the little bits of soap anymore .

The trick is to use the soap catcher .

How does it work?

Simply put your small pieces of soap inside the soap catcher to make a brand new one!

Before putting your used soap pieces inside, remember to run them quickly under hot water to soften them.

All you have to do is activate the soap collector to make it spin and enjoy a new soap for free.


The soap catcher is a great tip to save money on soap purchases at the supermarket.

Admittedly, it is more economical to buy soap than shower gel, but that's no reason to waste it unnecessarily.

With the soap collector, no more little bits of soap that go to the trash without having been used to wash something at home.